Brand: Trueline Nutri-Flavor Drink Mix

About Nutri-Flavor Drink Mix

Do you drink milk every day, but do not like the plain milk flavor? Do you take vitamins every day? Do you drink coffee every day or sometimes? Do you like to drink hot beverages?

If your answers are yes to some of these questions, you should look at the Nutri-Flavor drink mix.

Our drink mixes were developed and packaged in the U.S. to cater to consumers with the following characteristics:

  1. Would like to drink milk on a daily basis but don't like the regular plain milk flavor.
  2. Like to take supplemental vitamins.
  3. Like to drink hot milk or beverages.
  4. Have business life style and like fast, easy and nutritional food products.

The drink mix is a tasty, flavored and nutritional drink that is made with non-fat dry milk powder fortified with vitamins and minerals and various flavors. You can make the drink with hot milk or water during the cold weather; you can also make it with cold milk or water and add ice cube during the hot summer days.

If you have busy days that you don't have time to make a breakfast and get a regular lunch, make a quick nutritional drink and you get all the nutrients you need and it is fast and easy.

Five Flavors Available

Creamy Chocolate Chocolate Banana
Creamy Strawberry
Creamy Vanilla Creamy Vanilla Latte

The contents above are sample product descriptions. Please contact Trueline Foods for the full product selection.

  Product of USA