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About Salsa

Do you like tomatoes? Do you like onions? Do you like hot peppers? Do you like garlic? If your answers are yes, Salsa will be your new favorite food.

Salsa in Spanish means sauce. According various writings in history, salsa was originated with the Inca people who lived near Mexico. In 1916, Charles E. Erath of New Orleans was the first person in salsa sauce history who began manufacturing the first version of salsa.

Salsas are mainly made of a blend of vegetables including tomatoes, onions, various hot peppers, and garlic. Salsa has been a very popular condiment throughout the U.S not only because of its delicious tastes but also because of its healthy vegetable-based ingredients. In 1992, the dollar total of salsa sales in the United States exceeded those of tomato ketchup.

About Little Diablo Salsa

Little Diablo offers a full line of palate tempting salsas. They are made with only the freshest ingredients like vine ripened tomatoes, crisp onions, fresh basil and vibrant peppers. They are chemical free, preservative free, and gluten free with no additional sugars or thickeners.


Little Diablo Salsa is one of the most popular salsas in the Great Lakes region. The brand has earned many awards in various food shows and food tasting competitions.

Little Diablo Garlic and Chipotle salsas won the top honor with the 2013 Golden Chili Award.

Little Diablo Mild garlic and Medium Chipotle salsa won the 2013 Scovie Award.

Little Diablo Medium Chipotle salsa won the overall honors of the 2013 New York City Hot Pepper Award.

Varieties Available

Mild Salsa Mild Garlic Salsa
Medium Chipotle Salsa Hot Salsa

Ways To Enjoy

  • Taco salad.
  • Chips and salsa.
  • Add Salsa into noodle soup.
  • Make egg omelets with salsa.

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